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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between AutoTap Diagnostic and AutoTap Express DIY?
  • Will AutoTap Express DIY work with my vehicle?
  • Does AutoTap Express DIY require connection to a computer to operate?
  • What are the minimum computer requirements to use the AutoTap Express DIY software?
  • Does AutoTap Express DIY work on cars older than 1996?
  • What versions of the AutoTap hardware are compatible with the AutoTap Express DIY software?
  • Will my registration for AutoTap Diagnostic software work with the AutoTap Express DIY software?
  • What is OBDII?
  • Where is the connector? What does it look like?
  • Can AutoTap reprogram my car?
  • Can AutoTap communicate with the ABS or Airbag (SIR) systems?
  • Does AutoTap control relays and solenoids?

Software and Documentation Downloads

AutoTap Express DIY Software and Downloads
AutoTap Diagnostic Software and Downloads
AutoTap Reader v1.0
  • Autotap Reader v1.0 - Autotap Reader is an entry-level diagnostic tool. The Autotap Reader will read diagnostic trouble codes and determine if your vehicle will pass the EPA mandated emissions test.
AutoTap for Trucks